Chrysalis is a lingerie brand created specifically for the Women of the Transgender Community. Chrysalis offers Lingerie that helps to resolve issues of the Transgender experience so you can concentrate on more important things, -you! Along with our exquisitely made Lingerie, Chrysalis offers a peace of mind.
Chrysalis came about to alleviate a primary stress and issue for Transgender Women. In the greater scope, Chrysalis was created to help change the dehumanizing stereotypes and biases we are subjected to as a group and community. Chrysalis symbolizes the acknowledgement and diversity of our existence and provides a solution to our specific needs. As a brand, Chrysalis takes Transgender Women beyond the marginalization imposed by the media and society and represents them as beautiful intelligent women with prowess, and the embodiment of feminine sensuality.
Our elegant bras and panties are made with luxurious fabrics seductively designed to make you feel beautiful! Bras made to hold custom full-cup inserts and Panties that effectively tuck, hold, and smooth out for the perfect seamless look. Available in our Basic and Couture Collections.
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